R.K. Dreaming was born in Birmingham in the UK. She has always loved reading fanstasy novels ever since she discovered Harry Potter aged eighteen.

She is presently writing several series of magical mystery and fantastical adventure stories all set in β€˜The Magicwild Universe’, which is our world but with witches and wizards and werewolves and vampires and other eldritch folk, who all live in a secret community hidden from the Humbles (non-magical folk.) All the magic here comes from a parallel world called the Magicwild.

In her A Witch Detective Cozy Mystery Series, witch Cecily Plum has had magic all her life but thought she was imagining it. Her life changes forever when she gets a dream job working for The Agency, a mysterious Detective Agency, where all is not as it seems, and discovers she is a witch. The trouble is that her beloved grams warns her that magic is dangerous. Can Cecily ace her new job, deal with her crush on her dreamy boss, and solve some tricky murder mysteries all while keeping her magic under wraps?

In her popular Witches of Brimstone Bay Cozy Mystery Series, witch Esme Westbrim deals with the trials and tribulations of settling back into her home town of magical Brimstone Bay after years away. She has some big problems of her own to deal with – a complicated family, a fairy tale love curse, not to mention the side-effects of being bitten by a vampire – and some murders and mysteries to solve along the way.

Her Percy Prince Witching Cozy Mystery Series stars Percy, the daughter of a famous witch who has no magical powers herself, which is a constant trial for our heroine as she navigates a magic-less life while living in a magical world. With the help of her best friend Nan, a witch, Percy gets into all sorts of scrapes and adventures and has some unexpected murders to solve along the way.

Ruka currently lives in a cozy house in the Midlands in England, where she spends much of her time inventing new stories and enjoying herding a flock of adorable mini chickens!

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